MECS General Trading LLC is a trading company  founded in 2014 in Dubai where it’s seated.

Born from the will and experience in the international trading  of its founder, the company has immediately tried to offer innovative and high added valued products on the target market. Despite is a young company, MECS General Trading is growing fast, spreading its products in all UAE and other GCC Countries.

MECS was established to provide leading European Manufacturers a platform which allows them to distribute their innovative products and technologies in the Middle East. What we do is to sell technologies.

Our aim is to introduce  in the global market  products and services according to a wide range of customers’ needs always maintaining high level of quality and innovation.

MECS General Trading LLC offers to the Companies who want to approach to UAE market, its knowledge and experience by providing them all the needed information and assistance in order to develop at best the competitiveness of the offered products and to make them desirable by the market.

MECS General Trading offers to the Clients who are interested to high level, technologically advanced products, its knowledge of the products offered, all information and assistance, built by a strong previous analysis and compliance on the product itself and on the supplier companies.

Our mission is a new kind of approach, especially to the building, to place chemistry and technology into the customers’ disposal by developing simple and effective solutions.

Our mission is to make the client the center of our activity, offering high quality services and products, assistance in market introduction and strategy, all granted by our team of qualified personnel and local partners.


Our services are aimed to both potential and consolidated customers.

Technical tests

Study and analysis of the products offered, also trough technical tests and practical applications.

Potential customers

Study and analysis of the reference market and potential customers.

Potential supplier

Study and analysis of the research market and potential supplier.

Business partner

Due diligence on every our business partner to define the degree of confidence for each of them.

Our Partners: