The technology developed by SEAS allows to capture the humidity present in the atmosphere and to transform it into water, also high quality drinkable water. With SEAS technology and system it’s possible to have water for a lot of uses: from industry to home, from agriculture to hospitals.


The great goal is that It doesn’t need sea, lakes or rivers, this technology can do everything by itself, also in the middle of the desert, because it simply uses the air. You can use the air to produce cold and hot water and primary air also with great energy savings.


Advanced technological solutions for producing clean, healthy water where and when it’s needed most. SEAS is an AIR TO WATER technology-driven company for the construction of machineries and systems in order to produce high-quality drinking water for human consumption and other purposes like agriculture and distilled water for industrial use, capturing the air humidity and transforming it in water. These machineries can produce water everywhere without existing water sources.


The AWA Modula System produces from 250  to 10’000 liters of water per day + primary fresh air + hot water for the heating circuit + cold water and ensures great energy savings. It can be easily installed in hotels, resorts and residential buildings, compound, villas, communities, hospitals, industrial zones. The use of AWA Modula functions ensures great energy savings, that allows to achieve the water production for free.

• AWA MODULA 25 – 250 liters/day
• AWA MODULA 50 – 500 liters/day
• AWA MODULA 100 – 1000 liters/day
• AWA MODULA 250 – 2500 liters/day
• AWA MODULA 500 – 5000 liters/day
• AWA MODULA 750 – 7500 liters/day
• AWA MODULA 1000 – 10000 liters/day

SEAS provides different water qualities to perfectly fit different purposes:

  • BASIC: Purified water suitable for irrigation, washing, industrial purposes, zoo technical use, etc.
  • DRINKING: Perfectly pure and Tasty drinking water for Superior Quality human consumption. The custom mineralization could provide special taste and water features.
  • MINERAL FREE: Distilled water suitable for both industrial and particular alimentary uses.
  • MINERAL FREE PLUS: High profile and quality distilled water. He product is a very high quality tech water suitable for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, electronic industries and also for special food & beverage productions.

Applications for :

hotels (swimming pools, high-quality drinking water), resorts and residential buildings, villas, communities, hospitals, industrial zones





Industrial Zones